Where would we be without Wolfenstein?

In every genre, there is a game that becomes synonymous with it, and with the first-person shooter space, that game is Wolfenstein 3D. Not only the blueprint for decades of corridor exploring FPS titles but serves as a timeless example of just how malleable the horror genre could be. 

In addition to the gratifying experience of slaughtering endless hordes of nazi scum, Wolfenstein’s horror influences have allowed the franchise to continually redefine itself over the years. By emphasizing real-world horrors through equally hellish supernatural or nazi abomination foes, Wolfenstein is a series that seemingly cannot lose steam no matter the era it is being set in. 

Who could have ever foreseen Wolfenstein’s evolution from roaming the colorful halls of Wolf 3D to walking the nazi-occupied streets of America?

And as it is Wolfenstein 3D turned 30, we used this anniversary as a jumping-off point to chat with Bloody Disgusting’s own Mike Wilson to highlight Wolfenstein 3D, the franchise’s long love affair with horror, and how the franchise’s approach to narrative and gameplay have continually evolved.

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