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Welcome to June, darling Taurus. At the end of last monthMercury retrograde entered your sign, causing you to watch out for awkward typos, traffic delays, and exes returning from the grave. Thankfully, Mercury goes direct on Friday, June 3, while still in your sign, Taurus. Communication will flow easier, and remember, try not to be the annoying ex yourself before this transit occurs. 

Saturn, the planet of responsibility, goes retrograde in humanitarian Aquarius starting on Saturday, June 4. While the word “responsibility” may not be the sexiest thing to read about in your horoscope, this retrograde sees you reconnecting with friends and your community. Whether spending quality time with a friend going through a rough period or getting involved in activism, Saturn retrograde brings out your caring side, sweet Taurus.

Busy Mercury enters its home sign of chatty Gemini on Monday, June 13, which lights up your psychic abilities. Pay extra attention to your dreams during this time, as your unconscious may communicate important messages to you. You may also wish to develop a meditation practice to help connect with inner emotions you may generally suppress. Whatever arises during this time, listen to it. Being psychic often just means listening to your intuition.

While June sees you reconnecting with friends and getting involved in your community, if you can, stay in on Tuesday, June 14. There’s a full moon in dramatic Sagittarius, and you may feel worn out, tired, and certainly not up for petty fights. Cozy up with your pet, roommate, or lover and watch a movie while enjoying plenty of snacks instead. 

Tuesday, June 21, brings the start of Cancer season and the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Make quality time with friends because while summer brings beach days, sandals, and plenty of joy, don’t be surprised if there’s some summertime sadness thrown in there. You’re ruled by sensual Venus, Taurus, and as a result, you love comfort. Plan a picnic, take a road trip, or make sure to do something scrapbook-worthy with your friends during Cancer season.

Speaking of Venus, the romantic planet enters Gemini on Wednesday, June 22, bringing depth to your love life. Your romances may go through profound changes during this time (but don’t worry, the planets have your best interest in mind). Circling back to psychic messages you received earlier this month, you listen to your intuition and go ahead and dump anyone who is mean to you, or conversely, have a define-the-relationship talk with a healthy partner. Whether buying yourself a new sex toy or making time for an all-day summer sex marathon, celebrate with orgasms.

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