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Joe and I are nearing the end of our “Underseen or Underrated?” theme that we’ve been working through in 2022, and the last few weeks have been a bit intense, to say the least. For 2017, we revisited Darren Aronofsky‘s religious/eco horror thriller mother! before doing it for the lulz in Sam Levinson’s (Euphoria) 2018 film Assassination Nation. Then we dosed ourselves with LSD for Gaspar Noé’s Climax for 2019 and now we’re entering 2020 with Kurtis David Harder‘s underseen queer horror film Spiral!

In the film, an interracial same-sex couple (Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and Ari Cohen) move to a small town in the mid-’90s so they can enjoy a better quality of life and raise their 16-year-old daughter Kayla (June Laporte) with the best social values. However, nothing is as it seems in their picturesque neighborhood as their neighbors (Lochlyn Munro and Chandra West) have a peculiar interest in their “untraditional” family.

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Episode 168 – Spiral (2020)

What’s better than escaping from the city and moving out to the country? Well, if it’s 1995 and you’re an interracial gay couple, almost anything. That’s the story at the heart of Kurtis David Harder’s queer horror film Spiral, our 2020 entry in our “Underseen or Underrated?” theme.

Join us as we discuss this unabashedly queer horror film that manages to combine supernatural horror with very real horror to great effect. We’ll discuss the hate crime that opens the film (and compare it to a similar opening in It Chapter Two) and we’ll also discuss internalized homophobia, in a conversation that hits a close to home for Trace.

Plus, polyamory, leaving your doors unlocked in suburbia and PTSD. It’s a heavier episode focused on an admittedly heavy film, but never fear: our trademark humor is still here in spades!

Cross out Spiral!

Coming up on Wednesday: We’re concluding “Underrated or Underseen?” theme with a look at the dragtastic queer horror-comedy slasher Death Drop Gorgeous!

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