Before diving into this week’s episode covering Saber Interactive’s Evil Dead: The Game, check out last week’s episode in which Greg Mucci joined Neil and me to chat about the Doom franchise!

It’s always more fun to be scared with your friends. At least that’s the ethos behind multiplayer horror games, specifically asymmetrical ones. 

The genre attempts to capture the magic of horror movies, as asymmetrical games typically pit a group of survivors against a killer in PvP round-based matches. The checks and balances of player roles result in an added emphasis on the survivors working together to complete objectives. At the same time, the über powered killer attempts to kill or derail their progress. 

Given the success of games such as Dead By Daylight, Friday the 13th: The Game, or even Dying Light‘s 1v4 invasion mode, to say it’d be challenging for developers looking to make a name for themselves within this sub-genre would be an understatement. 

A challenge that Saber Interactive tackles head-on with Evil Dead: The Game, a love letter to a beloved horror franchise that leaves a unique mark within the asymmetrical space. 

And joining Neil and me this week in chatting about Evil Dead: The Game is writer and columnist Brandon Trush! We talk about Brandon’s love of asymmetrical horror, how Saber handles the implementation of the Evil Dead brand, and whether or not Evil Dead: The Game has the longevity to sustain a community or if it’s just another flavor of the month multiplayer offering.  – Jay Krieger

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