But don’t think she doesn’t enjoy the transformative process of a full beat, especially if it can shape the characters she plays. Sweeney says she works with makeup artist Donni Davy to create some of Cassie’s Euphoria face charts.

“I sent her pictures and mood boards,” Sweeney says. “[This season] I had a lot of Brigitte Bardot was a lot of my inspiration for Cassie. I really wanted to incorporate a lot of her eye makeup. I loved what she did with her eyes all the time and then her hair. I think that she had this beautiful just confidence with her sexuality that I want Cassie to attain.”

When it comes time to sit in the makeup trailer, Sweeney explains that Davy’s “so receptive” to any instructions she might give. “I’ll say, ‘No, I think that maybe the eyeliner should go up or down, or we should use this color. We should use a sparkle. It’s a very collaborative team effort to create all of the looks. I really love that, because we all know what we feel best and what we think maybe our character would do separately from everybody else.”

Sweeney also works with her nail artist, Zola Ganzorigt, to design her press-on nails. While she’s “not allowed” to get acrylics or gels while she shoots the film National Anthem (it wouldn’t fit for her character, Penny Jo), Sweeney relies on press-ons for now.

“I have to have something for red carpets,” Sweeney explains. “So I design nails, I draw them out, and I send my ideas to Zola, who brings them to life for me. Then I just press them on. It’s really fun.”

That’s also where Sweeney’s new red hair comes in. Well, new-ish — Sweeney notes that her natural color is “brunette with a little bit of red,” not the blonde she’s become known for.

“I did this for a character, actually, a little while ago. I had to hide it with a lot of hats and hoodies. And now I’m able to debut it. It’s funny — this is closer to my actual hair color, so I feel more Syd in this color than I do when I’m blonde,” she explains.

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