After giving fans a taste of what’s to come a few months back, Brazilian developer Pulsatrix Studios has announced that their upcoming Survival Horror title FOBIA – St. Dinfna Hotel releases on June 28 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC via Steam. Along with the announcement, the developer has released a new gameplay trailer, showcasing the FOBIA‘s unique gameplay mechanics.

Players will make use of  the game’s camera to see into the past, present and future to plan their next move. In addition, you’ll be using your camera to help solve the various puzzles that you’ll need to solve if you hope to uncover the dark mysteries of the St. Dinfna Hotel. And seeing as you’re not exactly equipped for combat, engaging with enemies isn’t always the best option.

Upcoming Survival Horror title FOBIA – St. Dinfna Hotel puts players in the role of rookie journalist Roberto, who has been sent to the St. Dinfna Hotel in Treze Trilhas with the promise of “an excellent story”. Unfortunately, Roberto soon finds himself in a fight against the supernatural. On top of that, his investigation is uncovering something much bigger, and darker, than he could have ever imagined.

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