Can you order pizza with your mind? In 1986, scientists at Hawkins National Laboratory discovered that pizza could be ordered with the mind, and now, you can do it too with the new Domino’s Mind Ordering app! Netflix’s “Stranger Things” has teamed up with Domino’s on the road to Season 4 for the fun new ordering experience, which you can download right now!

How does it work, you might be wondering? Well, first you have to download the Domino’s Mind Ordering app, which is different from the regular Domino’s mobile app. From there you’re treated to a retro-style, text-based app game, which requires camera access to analyze facial gestures. You can try the “mind control” game for fun, or use it to actually order pizza.

The Mind Ordering app description reads, “Do you have the power to order Domino’s with your mind? With the help of the brilliant minds at Stranger Things‘ Hawkins National Laboratory, we have a way to find out. Time travel back to 1986 and step into the Stranger Things universe as you become a super-powered test subject in the latest experiments taking place at Hawkins National Laboratory. Learn about your telekinetic powers, explore your surroundings, and use your newfound skills to place your Domino’s Easy Order without the touch of a button.”

While on the app you will…

  • Learn how to control your telekinetic abilities.
  • Explore an Observation Room at Stranger Things’ Hawkins National Laboratory.
  • Use your mind to find hidden discoverables from the show’s past and upcoming seasons.
  • Connect your Domino’s account and place your Domino’s Easy Order with your mind.

As part of the promotion, a video was put together featuring Dustin and Lucas from “Stranger Things,” and your pizza will even come nestled in a retro-authentic ’80s Domino’s box!

Learn more and start ordering pizza the “Stranger Things” way tonight!

“Stranger Things 4” comes to Netflix on May 27, 2022 with “Volume One” of the latest season. Volume 2 of “Stranger Things 4” will then arrive on Netflix on July 1, 2022.


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