We’ve got all the tricks and treats lined up for SCREAMBOX and are kicking off this summer with the campfire horror Story Game, an anthology that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. This one is a ton of fun, and we are excited to share the trailer for the SCREAMBOX Exclusive, which will hit the streaming service as well as VOD this coming June 21, 2022.

In the film…

“On a camping trip in Hawaii, three fine art students make a bet: who can tell the best supernatural story? According to the rules, each tale must have three items: a metaphysical piece, a character with green eyes, and a Japan location. The three young campers try to outwit each other, as they bring three famous Japanese ghost stories to the world, and things take an eerie turn as each tale takes them deeper into the Story Game.”

Story Game stars Greer Grammar (Ted Bundy: American Boogeyman, Deadly Illusions), Alberto Rosende (“Chicago Fire”, “Shadowhunters”), Ayumi Ito (Tokyo Vice) and Lyrica Okano (Marvel’s “Runaways”).

Written and directed by Jason K. Lau (The Tempest, Terrace House: Aloha State), Story Game was shot on location in Hawaii and Japan.

The film was produced by John C. Ching, Deborah Y. Lau and Nicole M. Lau, with Jason K. Lau also acting as Executive Producer. It premiered at the Hawaii International Film Festival.

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