Dick in 5 Minutes.

We’ve reached the end of the road on our “underseen or underrated?” theme. For the last three months we’ve been discussing films of the 2010s using that barometer and after a month that included Darren Aronofsky‘s mother!, Sam Levinson’s Assassination Nation, Gaspar Noé’s Climax and Kurtis David Harder‘s Spiral, we’re finally up to 2021!

In Michael J. Ahern, Brandon Perras and Christopher Dalpe‘s independent film Death Drop Gorgeous, a serial killer is dispatching queer men all over Providence. That means it’s up to Dwayne (Wayne Gonsalves) and his ditzy, dick-hungry roommate Brian (Dalpe), as well as inept police detectives O’Hara (Ahern) and Barry (Sean Murphy), to investigate the local drag community. The suspects range from crooked bar owner Tony Two Fingers (Perras) to his disparate band of drag queens, including feisty Janet Fitness (Matthew Pidge), monotone Tragedi (Complete Destruction) and bitter, aged icon Gloria Hole (Michael McAdam) who runs drag BINGO and has a large, blood-filled bathtub.

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Episode 169: Death Drop Gorgeous (2021)

For the final entry of our “underrated or underseen” theme, we’re talking DIY drag horror film Death Drop Gorgeous (2021). Joining us are fashion and culture bloggers and podcasters Tom & Lorenzo, the married couple who literally wrote the book on RuPaul and queer lifestyle.

This hilarious conversation repeatedly observes the way that only gay men could have made this film. 

Plus: in defense of sissy femme stereotypes, celebrations of big mouthed drag queens, memories of Joe’s time working in the gay bar, using wigs as c*m rags, googling Pup play, and why this film is Holiday Horror.

Cross out Death Drop Gorgeous!

Coming up on Wednesday: We’re flashing back to 1960 to discuss the film that birthed the slasher genre…Michael Powell’s Peeping Tom!

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