Saber Interactive’s Evil Dead: The Game unites many characters from the Evil Dead universe, specifically the first three movies and the “Ash vs. Evil Dead” TV series. The game focuses on the franchise survivors as they gather loot from caches scattered on the game map and complete objectives before taking on the Deadites.

Evil Dead: The Game categorizes its survivors in four distinct classes of combat, taking their personalities and strengths into consideration in their attributes and special abilities. The game offers nine playable characters from the universe, spread among Leaders, Warriors, Hunters, and Support from the outset.

Then there’s the tricky and oft frustrating solo missions, four of which unlock more characters from the Evil Dead universe. If you’ve completed all five solo missions, you’ll notice a remaining Survivor slot available for Leaders, Warriors, and Support. It naturally elicited the question as to which Evil Dead franchise players could fill those slots in future DLC updates.

While we’re already pumped to battle Deadites at Castle Kandar in the future, here are six Evil Dead franchise characters we’d love to play as in the video game down the road. A note: Because Ghost House Pictures is not listed among the studios involved with the game, we’re curating our wishlist based on the IP currently offered within the game. 

Jake – Evil Dead II

Evil Dead The Game characters jake

Played by the late Danny Hicks, the owner of Jake’s Gas ‘n Go (a location seen in the game!) from Evil Dead II would fit right into the video game realm. Jake never hesitates when it comes to taking action. He guides Annie Knowby straight to the Knowby cabin and immediately incapacitates an understandably trigger-happy Ash. Jake’s all muscle, no strategy, with decent survivor instincts. While he may not have survived his encounter with the Deadites, he was far from the first to perish. Jake would be right at home alongside fellow Warriors.

Sheila – Army of Darkness

Fellow Army of Darkness characters Lord Arthur and Henry the Red already exist within the game, and their medieval stomping grounds will soon offer players a new map to explore. So, Ash’s love interest seems like a prime candidate to appear as a playable candidate. While not much of a fighter and prone to possession, Sheila does demonstrate a supportive nature that would make her a perfect addition to the Support class.

Blacksmith – Army of Darkness

Castle Kandar’s resident Blacksmith created the weapons and armor used by Lord Arthur and his knights. If you’ve unlocked Arthur in Mission 5 or at least played far enough to retrieve his legendary sword, you’d know what a valuable weapon this is during combat. Blacksmith is as tough as his weaponry and first to volunteer to aid Ash in the fight against the enemy. That opens up exciting possibilities in-game.

Brandy Barr Williams – “Ash vs. Evil Dead”

Like father, like daughter. Brandy gets introduced in the third season of “Ash vs. Evil Dead” as a high school student utterly oblivious to the world of demons. Nor is she aware of Ash Williams, her father. Despite her initial fear, skepticism, and outright denial, Brandy adjusts rather quickly, becoming an asset to the team. Brandy also exhibits many of Ash’s traits, including a demonic hand injury. While “Ash vs. Evil Dead” didn’t make it past season three, Brandy’s journey seemed headed toward leadership, giving her Leader potential.

Brock Williams – “Ash vs Evil Dead”

Evil Dead The Game characters brock williams

Ash’s far more unfiltered and obnoxious dad makes it abundantly clear where Ash gets his personality. While abrasive and crass, Brock loves his children fiercely; he still mourns over his daughter Cheryl and harbors a mean grudge against Ash for abandoning him decades ago. That he’s very fond of guns means he could make for a good Hunter, though the class is already heavily stacked. Evil Dead: The Game rewards teams who fill their roster with all iterations of Ash with a “Four Horseman” trophy. If your group plays as characters chosen by specific movies – all Army of Darkness players, for example – you get trophies for that as well. Maybe a Williams family trophy is in order?

Ruby – “Ash vs Evil Dead”

Evil Dead The Game characters ruby

The series’ on and off again central antagonist had quite the arc over the three seasons. First introduced as “Ruby Knowby,” the Dark One and Necronomicon author acted as Annie Knowby’s sister to manipulate Amanda Fisher into helping her track down Ash Williams. When Ruby’s demonic spawn turns against her in season two, she becomes an unwitting anti-hero and valuable ally to Ash’s team. Alternate timeline versions of Ruby ultimate replaced Good Ruby with a 1982 version that’d never met Ash, therefore still evil. Ruby’s power and her potential to shift back and forth between teams make her one of the most exciting options to add to the game. Ruby could exist as a Demon or a Survivor, giving multiple character iterations to test out in combat.

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