ScreenDaily shares the first image and details on the Colorado Rockies-set survival thriller Cold Meat, featuring Downton Abbey star Allen Leech in the lead role.

“Leech stars as a man traveling through the Colorado Rockies who saves a young waitress from her violent ex-husband when he stops off at a diner.

“He sets off again in a fierce blizzard but after a false move behind the wheel wakes up inside a ravine in the eye of the storm.

The cold is the least of his worries when a beast starts prowling outside.”

Leech’s other credits outside of Downton Abbey include Bohemian Rhapsody and The Imitation Game. The cast also features Nina Bergman (Doom: Annihilation) and Yan Tual (Outlander).

The thriller is the feature directorial debut of French director Sebastien Drouin, a VFX supervisor who has worked on movies such as 2046Babylon A.D. and Alexander.

Cold Meat is co-written by Drouin, Andrew Desmond (The Sonata) and James Kermack (Knuckledust). It is produced by Julien Loeffler, Kermack and James Barton-Steel for Featuristic Films.

French sales company WTFilms has taken world rights on the film. It’s the company’s second collaboration with UK production company Featuristic Films, after working together on James Kermack’s action thriller Knuckledust in 2020.

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