This year’s Oscars gave us plenty to talk about. But Beyoncé’s new shadow highlights were a beacon of light during a somewhat chaotic evening. The singer started the ceremony off strong with a performance of “Be Alive” from King Richard, which earned her her first Oscar nomination. The performance took place on the Compton, California, tennis courts where the Williams sisters first learned to play tennis, and Bey was surrounded by female dancers, all in head-to-toe green. There was a lot to look at, but we couldn’t keep our eyes off her brand-new hair color. 

Her usually dark hair was a lighter shade of caramel, and she had some bright, bold highlights. Beyoncé’s longtime colorist Rita Hazan was behind the look, and she calls it “shadow highlights.” “Shadow highlights are the strategic placement of multidimensional sun-kissed highlights that are made to accent a cut or style,” Hazan told Glamour. “This technique gives hair the illusion of being full and thick.”


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“For this look, we went in a natural yet bright multidimensional direction,” she continues. “The shadow highlights can perfectly transition from every day to the red carpet, and the shades look gorgeous from natural to straight hair.”

Unlike, say, Beyoncé’s giant diamond garter that she wore during the performance, Hazan loves shadow highlights because they are easy for pretty much anyone to pull off. “Shadow highlights are the most versatile range of highlights because they’re not just for blondes,” she says. “Any shade of hair from brunette to redhead can benefit from the color process because the placement of the highlights, especially around the face, really work to mimic how hair naturally lightens and brightens from the sun.” Because of the wearability and versatility, Hazan knows the highlights are going to be a major trend this spring. 

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