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Welcome to April, passionate Scorpio. While people tend to associate you with goth color palettes and Halloween, you contain multitudes. During the Spring Equinox last month, you played with pastels and felt the joy of sunshine. This month, despite the evils of the world, your optimism continues. Your job is to embrace every ounce of pleasure that comes your way.

Venus, the goddess of love, money, and beauty, enters creative Pisces on Tuesday, April 5, helping you rethink your creative process. (Even if you don’t work in a creative field, as a water sign, trust me, you’re creative.) This transit sees you reorganizing a manuscript, learning a new instrument, or turning your side gig into a full-time job. What’s clear is that your perspective will change, whether you finally understand the mental health benefits of a hobby or experience a profitable breakthrough.

When the chatty Mercury enters Taurus on Sunday, April 10, expect to finally put that petty argument to bed as communication flows through your romantic relationships. And remember, Scorpio, be careful with that stinger and work on remaining calm throughout conversations. Then, when one of your ruling planets, fighters Mars, enters Pisces on Thursday, April 14, you may butt heads with others regarding politics or philosophical opinions, including lovers. If anyone says anything mean or offensive, get out, but relax and let them have it if someone has a different but valid view. You might even learn something. 

A full moon in Libra on Saturday, April 16, manifests money, darling Scorpio. You’ve been working hard over the past few months and likely felt like giving up sometimes. It’s fair; you probably do work too much. While no one can promise cash in this economy, the stars say that this potent full moon has epic potential for your wallet. 

But when the sun enters Taurus on Tuesday, April 19, the only thing on your mind is your sweetheart. So regardless of your relationship status, shower your love life with abundance for the next few weeks. Expect unforgettable dates, whether with someone brand new or a long-term partner. 

It can be hard to be a Scorpio. You feel so deeply! On Friday, April 29, the communication planet Mercury enters Gemini, helping you talk about your health, including any stress that’s been weighing you down. This could be telling your boss that you need a vacation, finally telling your therapist that thing you won’t tell them, or looping your family in on any chronic health issues. But don’t worry, Scorpio. With the help of your loved ones and a good therapist, you can tackle anything that comes your way.

Your other ruling planet, Pluto (remember, the first is Mars), the planet of death, rebirth, and transformation, goes retrograde for five months in Capricorn, beginning on Friday, April 29. You should see significant changes related to friends and within your social circle during this time.

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