Announced last year, Scare Package is getting a sequel with Scare Package II: Rad Chad’s Revenge, and Fangoria has announced the new cast and director lineup today.

The upcoming horror anthology sequel will feature returning Scare Package actors Jeremy King, Zoe Graham, and Byron Brown, with newcomers to the franchise including Kelli Maroney (Night of the Comet), Rich Sommer (Summer of 84), Graham Skipper (VFW), Maria Olsen (Starry Eyes), and Shakira Ja’nai Paye (House Party).

Directors will include Anthony Cousins (Scare Package), Alexandra Barreto (All Americans, Mayans M.C.), Rachele Wiggins (Deadhouse Dark), and Jed Shepherd (Host).

Scare Package II: Rad Chad’s Revenge immediately follows the events of the original with the survivors attending the funeral of “Rad Chad” Buckley, which quickly devolves into an elaborate series of death traps centered around Chad’s favorite films, forcing the guests to band together and use the rules of horror to survive the bloody game.”

Head over to Fangoria to learn more.

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