Another day, another new hair color for Saweetie, who by our counting, is on her fourth hue this month. It is quite normal for the icy girl (and other women rappers for that matter) to change her look so often, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting for us beauty nerds. This time, Saweetie’s in a super long pastel blue unit that falls all the way to her butt.

As we were sleuthing around her Instagram Stories on March 23, we came across the look. A fan account posted a video of Saweetie in what appears to be a studio (she’s been working on her upcoming album, Pretty Bitch Music, nonstop for the past few days), walking through a door with a birthday cake for one of her friends. How ~saweet~ of her.

What’s even cooler, though, is her new Cinderella-blue hair. Although the video is somewhat blurry, we can make out the light blue strands pulled back with a pink clip on the left side, leaving the rest to fall down her back in soft waves. Though Saweetie didn’t dye her actual hair this color — but we certainly wouldn’t be mad if she did. 

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