A week ago, the Halloweenies ventured into the woods of Tennessee for a much-needed cabin trip after their year in Woodsboro. On the agenda was what you might expect: a little R&R, some good cooking, maybe even a bonfire. All of that went out the window when they found a reel-to-reel player, four microphones, and an idea.

“Let’s cover The Evil Dead franchise.”

Indeed they are, and they’ve gone back to where it all began: the 1981 original. For those who tuned in, you’ll recall that the gang charted all the backwoods shenanigans that churned out the midnight masterpiece we know and love today. Now, they’re ready to finish it all off, and they’ve come prepared —  shovel and axe and sass.

In the second of two episodes dedicated to Sam Raimi‘s splatterhouse classic, the gang ditches the history books to discuss the movie’s sounds, souls, and special effects. Together, they talk at great lengths about the rare final boy Bruce Campbell, praise the ensemble cast (particularly Ellen Sandweiss), and pass the crown to SFX maestro Tom Sullivan.

It’s a groovy kickoff to an even groovier season, one that will march through the entire franchise in anticipation of Lee Cronin‘s forthcoming sequel Evil Dead Rise. Stream both episodes below and stay tuned next month when your Halloweenies lend a hand (or a chainsaw) to one another as they cover 1987’s The Evil Dead 2.

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