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Happy April, you hot Sagittarius. Of course, you’re always hot, but thanks to cosmic occurrences at the end of March, you’re alive with confidence and on fire, even for a fire sign. Your charisma will come in handy when Venus, the goddess of love, money, and beauty, enters Pisces on Tuesday, April 5, bringing change to your social life. These social life shakeups might include meeting a new lover or reigniting a long-term relationship. Because when the communication planet Mercury enters sexual Taurus on Sunday, April 10, get ready for major changes in the way you talk about sex. 

It’s important to be vocal about your kinks and fantasies, Sagittarius, and you deserve to enjoy them. However, while you’re talking it out with a romantic partner, make sure to state your need for alone time and independence. Not everyone has dated a Sagittarius before! On Thursday, April 14, the fighters planet Mars enters creative Pisces. This transit skyrockets your fame as it lights up your 10th House of Social Status. You’re about to be busy, and you’re going to love it. Your professional reputation and social calendar are growing. Remember, Sag, you’re ruled by the lucky planet Jupiter, so it’s normal when good things happen to you.

Following this theme and perhaps growing your follower count, Saturday, April 16, brings a powerful full moon in Libra, bringing epic financial news. Now, because the world’s economy is a mess at the moment, don’t be bummed out if six figures doesn’t drop into your lap. But at the minimum, you should get a clear picture of which road will lead to the most abundance. 

The sun enters Taurus on Tuesday, April 19, kicking off Taurus season. During this time, expect transformation, especially within your sex life. Whatever new romantic experiences you enjoyed, from a first date to opening up a relationship, will continue to flourish. While the vibe will continue to be joyful, expect to have big conversations that improve your love life and bring you closer to partners(s) or crushes when the communication planet Mercury enters Gemini on Friday, April 29.  

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