It’s Blockbuster Month at The Losers’ Club! What the hell does that mean? Well, over the next month, the Losers will take a brief summer break by unlocking a few episodes from their Patreon and sharing a couple of new interviews. Rest assured, each episode will include deep meditations on Stephen King — after all, it wouldn’t be a proper Losers’ Club episode without the Master of Horror himself — but consider these a fitting seasonal detour.

To kick things off, the Losers are revisiting Steven Spielberg’s 1993 blockbuster horror classic Jurassic Park. Starring Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, and Richard Attenborough, the sci-fi thriller brought dinosaurs back to life on the big screen and turned Michael Crichton‘s best-selling novel into a genuine franchise hit for Universal. Case in point: This weekend’s Jurassic World: Dominion is primed to conquer the box office.

Join Losers Michael Roffman, Dan Caffrey, McKenzie Gerber, and Mel Kassel as they head to Isla Nublar, where they digress on dinosaurs, chart Spielberg’s Dominion, sing praises over its highly intellectual cast, compare and contrast Michael Crichton to Stephen King, and quote the entire movie (mostly). It should be noted this episode was originally recorded in June 2021 as part of our Crate series in The Barrens (Patreon).

Stream the episode below and return next week when the Losers speak with Will Menaker of Chapo Trap House on King as a blockbuster cultural figure. They’ll also celebrate 40 years of John Carpenter‘s The Thing. For further adventures, be sure to join the Club over long days and pleasant nights via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, RadioPublic, Acast, Google Podcasts, and RSS. You can also unlock hundreds of hours of content in The Barrens (Patreon).

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