Ash Williams is one horror icon who sure knows a thing or two about battling monsters, but this clever mashup brings Ash into a whole new world of horrors: the world of Resident Evil!

Titled Resident Evil Dead Village, the short 1-minute mashup video was uploaded by YouTube channel eli_handle_b․wav today, digitally inserting Ash into Resident Evil Village.

The video uses clips from the various Evil Dead movies to make the mashup a reality, and while it’s not exactly seamless every step of the way, it sure is a fun little bit of fan art.

Whether he’s maniacally laughing alongside the game’s creepy dolls or laying some groovy moves on Lady Dimitrescu, Ash is needless to say a natural fit in the Resident Evil world.

Check out Resident Evil Dead Village below!

The good news here? Well, Ash Williams is headed back into the world of video games with this year’s Evil Dead: The Game, so you’ll soon be able to slice and dice monsters as the Evil Dead icon… for real! That game releases May 13. And who knows, maybe one day Ash will make his way into an actual Resident Evil game. Stranger things have happened, we suppose…

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