After teasing fans with the potential of Dino Crisis heading to Sony’s revamped PlayStation Plus service, Capcom has now apparently given Resident Evil fans a treat with the original Resident Evil: Director’s Cut being available on the service as of today.

For those not in the know, way back when Capcom had been working on the follow-up to the original Resident Evil, they had decided to scrap what they were working on with Resident Evil 2 (which was dubbed Resident Evil 1.5 by fans), and go back to the drawing board. In order to satiate fans, Capcom decided to release Resident Evil: Director’s Cut of the original game. The new version (which still had the censored opening cinematic by mistake) added in new gory scenes, as well as a new arranged mode and various other tweaks.

As for this version of the PS1 classic, the listing states that it had been converted from the PlayStation version to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles with “newly added features”. Most likely, that involves Trophy support or save states. The listing does mention that there may be times where the game plays differently from the original PlayStation version, and some features may cause the game to not function properly.

It’s not perfect, but if you don’t have the original game lying around somewhere, this is your best bet.

The new PlayStation Plus service launched in Japan on June 2, and launches today in North and South America. The European, Australian, and New Zealand version of PlayStation Plus launches on June 23. If you’re curious about the North American PlayStation Plus lineup of games, VGC has a handy list of all 700+ games.

And just in case you missed it the first time, here’s the original uncut opening intro that’s been upscaled to 4K:

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