Behold my number one famous Chris, forever and always. Chris Pine has seemingly left his clean-shaven look for something a bit grungier — and I’m here for it. 

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement actor was seen in Los Angeles on March 7 grabbing a coffee in a black hoodie (hood: up), shorts, workout tights, and clogs that look like slippers. Overall, he is giving sleepy I-do-not-want-to-be-perceived energy. But we couldn’t bear missing any appearances by our favorite Chris, now, could we?

The best part of his entire look is obviously the noticeable changes in facial hair. Aging like fine wine, Pine, 41, is sporting a brand-new salt-and-pepper beard. His hair, peeking out of his hood, looks decently long and also includes some grays. It kind of looks like he hasn’t left his house in a while, but it might be on purpose: Pine will be making his directorial debut in his upcoming mystery-comedy film, Poolman, which he will also star in as a “hapless dreamer and would-be philosopher,” according to Deadline. In that case, he’s looking the part perfectly, appearing as if he never leaves his backyard.

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