Kinetic Games are getting ready once again to release an update to Phasmophobia, bringing more ghost types, a new map and enhancements to the game. Of course, to keep the suspense up, the dev has decided to play with fans as to the details for the 0.6.2 update.

0.6.2 will include two new ghost types, both of whom have had their specifics blurred out. You can make out some text, but as with all good teases, the main parts are too obscured. The newly-reworked Sunny Meadows Mental Institution map will have plenty of scares thanks to the abundance of medical equipment strewn about, including some unsavory-looking dental equipment. Not to mention that it’s pretty dark.

Phasmophobia will also be getting a custom difficulty update, along with a spruced-up UI. Notably, players will now have ID cards, which can be customized to show your Role and your new Prestige in the game. There will also be a quality-of-life improvement in the form of a reporting system that aims to curb hackers.

As for when we’ll be seeing the update, that again would spoil the fun. There doesn’t appear to be anything indicating a release date on Kinetic Games’ Trello board, but that could change very soon.


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