Oscar Isaac gets scared and “loses” his contact lens in the latest frightening clip from Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded over the last few hours, dabbling in a variety of genres and narrative frameworks to tell interesting stories. The franchise most notably broke out of its mold with WandaVision, which operated as both a parody and homage to sitcoms. Each iteration in the MCU continues to evolve in the franchise and it looks terror is next on the menu with Moon Knight.

The highly-anticipated limited series event will introduce Oscar Isaac to the MCU – he previously played Apocalypse in Fox’s X-Men: Apocalypse. From what we’ve seen so far, Isaac’s debut as the mentally unstable mercenary Marc Spector is set to be one of the most mature projects put out by the studio. Not only will the limited series explore Spector’s psyche and personalities but it will also amp up the franchise by introducing terrifying horror elements.

Case in point: the latest Moon Knight clip. Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant (a personality of Marc Spector – or is the other way around?) is an elevator looking into the hallway when he is confronted by the looming Egyptian god Khonsu. Grant/Spector is naturally terrified and falls back into the elevator when a mild-mannered old lady walks in to go to her floor. To save face, Grant/Spector mentions how he’s lost a contact lens but too late – the older lady is already terrified of the disheveled man.

After she leaves the elevator, the looming deity returns to frighten Oscar Isaac.

Starring Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, Gaspard Ulliel, and May Calamawy, the series is set to make its Disney Plus debut on March 30th.

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