Originally launched in Steam Early Access last year, Ingeon Games’ turn-based survival game Terminus: Zombie Survivors is inching closer to a full release. The game’s v0.9.6 Evolution update, which launches today, introduces an all-new sandbox mode, as well as several new zombie types for you to battle.

Set during the midst of a zombie apocalypse, and inspired by the likes of Project ZomboidTerminus: Zombie Survivors is a 2D-based survival roguelike set against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. Weeks have passed since the zombie virus took hold of humanity, and most of the population has already been infected. As one of the few survivors, you are still safely holed up in your house. However, when the power and water are cut off, you must venture out to join up with the other survivors at the Terminus.

The new sandbox feature allows players to change up to 15 different modifiers for the game, including the spawn rate of food, medicine and weapons, alongside a host of other options. The v0.9.6 update also includes a number of new items, recipes and materials, as well as numerous bug fixes and balance changes.

On top of the sandbox mode, the Evolution update includes 12 new zombie types, each with new and unique traits such as better hearing, vision, and speed. That’s on top of the 11 other traits that affect combat from encounter to encounter. Oh, and there are also “super zombies” roaming around that carry up to three different traits.

The Evolution update is free to existing owners of Terminus: Zombie Survivors.

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