Everybody was doing it, so why not have a Dead by Daylight board game? And just like what happened with Bloodborne and Resident Evil, the Kickstarter for the Dead by Daylight board game by Level 99 Games has already crushed its goal since it launched early last week.

Currently, the game sits at just over $546,000 of its initial $250,000 goal. The game is for 3-5 players, and as you’d expect, pits a Killer against a group of Survivors. The latter must move around the map, repair generators and escape, while the former must hunt down the Survivors to make eight sacrifices in order to claim victory.

From initial appearances, Level 99 Games has done quite well in translating the video game into a board game. Players can use the same Perks you’d find in the video game (with Bloodpoints being spent to use the Skills, Skill checks, Chests for new items, and even Lockers for hiding Survivors.

Unsurprisingly, the board game won’t feature any of the licensed characters from the original game, but even with just the Standard Edition of the game, you’ve got seven Survivors and six Killers to choose from. The Collector’s Edition features 17 Survivors and 16 Killers, if you’re curious.

In addition, the Collector’s Edition (which is only available through the campaign) will have actual standees for the Hooks, along with more Bloodpoint tokens, more game boards, and more Perk and Item cards. The Standard Edition will set you back $49 USD, and is expected to conveniently ship in October 2022, while the Collector’s Edition can be had for $99 USD. Level 99 Games will also be shipping the game worldwide.

There’s still a ways to go before the campaign ends on April 21, so if you’re looking to get your pledge in, head on over.


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