Trick or Treat Studios has launched pre-orders on two brand new Chucky collectibles today, including their new “Ultimate Chucky” doll and their plush body replica Good Guys doll!

“Ultimate Chucky” is up for pre-order now for $599.99, and it’s expected to begin shipping this December. Sculpted by Cesar Dacol Jr., the Officially Licensed One-To-One Scale Ultimate Chucky replica has been developed to be the ultimate collectible – offering posable eyes and the ability to change the head and hands to truly customize your display.

The body of the doll is made using soft flexible foam surrounding an industrial strength posable aluminum frame, and the doll stands approximately 29″ tall.

Up for grabs for $199.99, the “Plush Body Good Guy” doll is also shipping this coming December, and it’s a new replica of the classic doll that’s built to be cuddled with.

Trick or Treat Studios details, “A great new option for the super fan who loves to take their Friend on the go or just as an incredible addition to your collection. The Plush Body Good Guy Doll captures that perfect body flop you see in the films when Chucky is pretending to not be alive or being dragged around by Andy. This version features a combination of a soft plush torso and limbs, a new durable fabric outfit, combined with high quality vinyl head, hands, and shoes! The Plush Body Good Guy Doll is approximately 30” long.”

Head over to Trick or Treat Studios to pre-order the new Chucky dolls today!

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