The final act of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, in particular, is pure Sam Raimi, with Doctor Strange possessing the body of an undead version of himself to take down the Scarlet Witch. “Dead Strange” looks like he was ripped right out of Raimi’s Evil Dead universe, his flesh rotten and his face peeling apart, making for one hell of a cool final battle.

Funko has just announced a new wave of toys based on Raimi’s Marvel sequel, and included in the mix are a couple different toys that depict “Dead Strange” from that final act fight!

Sinister Strange, America Chavez, and Captain Carter are also getting POP! vinyl toys as part of the wave, with “Dead Strange” getting a solo toy and a 2-pack set with Scarlet Witch.

Both “Dead Strange” and Scarlet Witch also get exclusive variant versions, while POP! keychains based on the movie depict Scarlet Witch, Sinister Strange, and America Chavez.

Check out the full wave below and pre-order your favorites today!

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