Tron: Legacy and Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski has revealed that Marvel and Star Wars are the reasons Tron 3 was canceled by Disney.

Back in 2010, Tron: Legacy was released in theaters. It came out nearly 30 years after its predecessor, Tron bombed at the box office but had become a staple of nerd and geek culture. The sequel ultimately did okay. It received mixed reviews from critics but went on to earn well over $400M worldwide.

After Tron: Legacy was released, director Joseph Kosinski began work on Tron 3. Unfortunately for him, the state of Disney was rapidly changing. In late 2009, Disney bought Marvel and two years later purchased Lucasfilm from George Lucas. As a result, all of the properties owned by these companies were put under the Disney library and became the main focus of the studio’s theatrical releases to the detriment of many other films. As it turns out, Tron 3 was one film that got the ax because of this.

The Director Reveals Why

In a recent interview with Vulture, Joseph Kosinski opened up about Tron 3 and how Marvel and Star Wars effectively kept the film from happening but didn’t seem too bitter about the direction Disney took:

I got so close. I really tried. I got close in 2015, and Disney pulled the plug on it. I hadn’t built anything, but I had the whole movie storyboarded and written. I was really excited because it was inverting the idea: It was all that stuff coming into our world, and it was about the blending of the two. But it was a different Disney by 2015. When I made Tron: Legacy, they didn’t own Marvel; they didn’t own Star Wars. We were the play for fantasy and science fiction. And once you’ve got those other things under your umbrella, it makes sense that you’re going to put your money into a known property and not the weird art student with black fingernails in the corner — that was Tron. And that’s okay.

Both Star Wars and Marvel have a number of shows and films slated for release. This includes Obi-Wan Kenobi, Andor, Thor: Love and Thunder, She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, and Black Panther Wakanda Forever. Joseph Kosinski’s latest film, Top Gun: Maverick is now in theaters everywhere.

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