• The management group for this paper was led by M.O.D. and J.T.R.W., with S.R. responsible for primary analytic matters supported by B.M.N. and M.J.D. The management group comprised a subset of the principal investigators of the component studies, bioinformaticians and analysts and was responsible for study design, conduct, management, primary and final interpretation; this group included O.A.A., B.T.B., S.I.B., A.D.B., D.B., E.B., S.C., A. Corvin, D. Curtis, M.J.D., M.D.F., E.D., H.E., A.H.F., P.V.G., M. Gill, S.J.G., K.S.H., H. Huang, N.I., R.S.K., K.S.K., J.A.K., J. Lee, T.L., D.F.L., J. Liu, A. McIntosh, A. McQuillin, V.A.M., D.W.M., B.J.M., B.M.N., M.O.D., R.A.O., M.J.O., A.P., D. Posthuma, S.Q., B.P.R., S.R., D.R., S.G.S., A. Serretti, Y.S., E.A.S., P.F.S., M.T.T., M.P.V., J.T.R.W., D.R.W., T.W., N.R.W., X.Y. and W.Y. GWAS meta-analyses: S.A., G.P., S.R. and V.T. Replication data: S. Magnusson, H.S. and K. Stefansson (deCODE). African American and Latino sample analyses: E.G.A., T.B., G.G., S.R. and V.T. Bioinformatics: J. Bryois, J.C.H., A.F.P., A.J.P., D. Posthuma, P.F.S., K.W. and the SynGO consortium. Comparison of male and female individuals: S.R., J. Sidorenko, V.T. and P.M.V. Heritability and polygenic prediction: O.A.A., O.F., T.G., H. Huang, B.M.N., M.O.D., A.F.P., A.L.R., S.R., V.T., J.T.R.W., N.R.W. and J.Z. Phenotype stratification: C.A.D. and E. Vassos. Cellular and tissue analysis: J. Bryois, M.O.D., D. Posthuma, P.F.S., J.T.R.W. and K.W. Gene Ontology: J.C.H., M.O.D., A.F.P., A.J.P., D. Posthuma, J.T.R.W. and K.W. Fine-mapping: C.B., M.J.D., H. Huang, M. Lam, M.O.D., G.P., A.F.P., M.P., S.R. and J.T.R.W. SMR: L.S.H., M.O.D., T.Q., N.R.W., Y.W. and J.Y. Hi-C: D. Posthuma, A.L.R., P.F.S., J.T.R.W. and K.W. Other transcriptome-wide association studies: M.J.G., L.S.H., M. Kim, P.R., G.V. and W. Zhang. Integration of fine-mapping, gene expression, Hi-C informatics and rare variants: L.S.H., M.O.D., A.F.P., T.Q., A.L.R., P.F.S., J.T.R.W., N.R.W., Y.W. and J.Y. SynGO: F.K., M.O.D., A.F.P., A.B.S., M.V. and J.T.R.W. Additional statistical advice: P.A.H. The remaining authors contributed to the recruitment, phenotyping, genotyping or data processing for the contributing components of the meta-analysis, or provided other forms of functional annotation data. Primary drafting and editing of the manuscript were coordinated by S.R., J.T.R.W. and M.O.D. The primary draft sections were written by J. Bryois, C.Y.C., C.A.D., L.S.H., H. Huang, B.M.N., M.O.D., M.J.O., A.F.P., A.J.P., S.R., A.B.S, P.F.S., V.T., E. Vassos, M.V., J.T.R.W., N.R.W. and J.Y. Additional edits were from O.A.A., M.J.D. and K.S.K. Numerous other authors provided edits, comments and suggestions, and all authors saw and approved the contents of the manuscript. The Chair of the PGC is P.F.S. and the Schizophrenia Working Group of the PGC is led by M.O.D. and J.T.R.W.

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