The original “Incredible Hulk” on the small screen, actor Lou Ferrigno is headed into the horror genre with upcoming movie The Hermit, and he’s playing a very interesting role.

Variety reports that Lou Ferrigno will be playing a “murderous, cannibalistic pig farmer” in The Hermit from director Salvatore Sclafani, the film’s title character.

In the film, “Eric and Lisa, who are both 19, go to a resort, venture off trail, stumble across a farm, go in, see animal heads hanging from the wall” and encounter Ferrigno’s Hermit.

“The Hermit’s story is that he’s been a loner,” the producer notes. “His mother protected him; kept him in the forest. He doesn’t speak well, because they are kind of feral people.”

What does the Hermit do with his victims? Well, he turns them into tasty jerky!

“Most people are surprised that I’ve never really entered the horror space before now,” Ferrigno said in a statement to Variety this weekWhen I was a kid I was fascinated with the monsters of the time like Dracula and Frankenstein. So I am really excited and honored to be working with such a great team on something that will for sure excite fans. The character I am playing is unique and will give an updated twist to those monsters I grew up with.”

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