After breaking out with the Zoom-set horror film Host back in 2020, Director Rob Savage teamed up with genre specialist Blumhouse for the chaotic found-footage horror DASHCAM.

The film follows an abrasive musician’s (Annie Hardy) night, via her livestream, as it takes a dangerous turn when she agrees to help transport a frail elderly woman out of town.

In this exclusive clip, we see Annie accept a bribe to transport said woman, who appears to be sickly. There’s a bit of comedy here as Annie jokes about being a good person (after accepting a bribe) and then cramming her into the backseat of her “BandCar”.

The wait won’t be long with Momentum Pictures planning to release the film in theaters and on VOD platforms this coming June 3.

Here’s the full synopsis…

“In the midst of lockdown, musician Annie has been livestreaming with her fans, taking their comments, and turning them into rap lyrics as she drives around downtown Los Angeles. Exasperated by her pandemic lifestyle, Annie escapes to the UK to visit her old bandmate Stretch, livestreaming the whole way. Her arrival and behavior incite contempt from Stretch’s girlfriend, and she causes chaos when tagging along on his food delivery job.

“After an argument, Annie runs off with Stretch’s car and phone, using them to take over his food pickups where she encounters a stranger who asks her for a delivery of a different kind: a frail elderly woman called Angela who is being followed by someone looking to do her harm. Annie identifies with Angela’s plight and with the added incentive of an envelope of cash, she agrees to deliver Angela to a safe address out of town.

“Annie and Stretch soon find themselves caught up in a twisted plan with sinister forces at work, and as the night progresses and the chaos builds, they must fight for their lives against a supernatural creature intent on making Annie its new host.”

The film also stars Angela Enahoro and Amar Chadha-Patel.

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