When coming up with adjectives to describe Lily Collins‘s beauty style, “edgy” typically doesn’t come to mind. The Emily in Paris star may be called “classic” or “glamorous,” but the actor rarely ventures into the unconventional. And you could argue the same thing about luxury brand Cartier. But apparently, when the two get together, the trendy, off-beat coolness comes out — a Collins’s hair is proof.

In the new ad campaign for Clash de Cartier, a jewelry collection that strikes a balance between classic and eccentric, Collins does exactly that. We see her in an elegant, asymmetrical black dress and red lipstick, and her brown hair is pulled back into a sleek, low bun, not unlike the style she wore for her wedding — basically exactly how we picture Lily Collins when we picture Lilly Collins. 

As Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself” plays, she stands in contrast with another version of herself that looks completely out of her beauty comfort zone, yet it somehow works so well. Her hair is black with of-the-moment micro bangs, and the hairstyle is complemented by bold, black liquid-liner wings and black nail polish.  

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