It’s the story that keeps on giving. Three days ago, a noted leaker had revealed several screenshots from what’s purportedly the Silent Hill remake. Now, another set of leaks have appeared online, including one involving Bloober Team and a remake of Silent Hill 2!

For starters, according to influencer NateTheHate and journalist Jeff Grubb (and corroborated by Video Games Chronicle’s own sources), Konami has been working on several Silent Hill titles, one of which happens to be a remake of Silent Hill 2 by Bloober Team. The remake will apparently feature reworked AI, animations, puzzles, and several new endings. The remake would also be released as a timed exclusive on PlayStation consoles.

If you recall, Bloober Team had been pegged before to be involved in something big with Konami, though they didn’t outright say that it was Silent Hill. Adding to all of this was Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka, who had stated in a now-deleted interview that he was working on a project that “will be the one you’ve been waiting for”.

That’s not all. Apparently, Konami has been reaching out to several developers about reviving the Silent Hill IP across multiple games. One such project is intended to take the Telltale Games route and be a smaller episodic series of “short stories”. One of the companies that Konami has apparently reached out to is Annapurna Interactive of What Remains of Edith Finch fame.

Of course, you’re probably wondering about a mainline entry. Konami is apparently working on that, too. It’s not clear who is leading the project, but rumours surfaced last year that a Japanese studio was working on a Silent Hill project.

And as for those leaked images last week? According to VGC, it’s understood to be related to a P.T.-style teaser game codenamed ‘Sakura’. The intention for this is to release it as a free digital title to “build anticipation for the larger projects”.

None of this has been confirmed by Konami, Bloober Team or Annapurna Interactive. In other words, the wait continues.


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