Madmind Studio last year announced their collaboration with developer Black Rat Studio to publish their story-driven first-person horror title HELP ME!. Per Rely On Horror, Madmind Studio has now launched a Kickstarter campaign for the new project, which if successful, will see a launch in 2023 on PC via Steam.

HELP ME! takes place in present-day Kazakchstan, and centres on a man named Maxim. Maxim’s father is missing, and the only connection to his disappearance is Maxim’s mysterious nightmares. However, as more family secrets are revealed, the more the line between Maxim’s dreams and reality blurs.

Gameplay for HELP ME! consists of exploring the environment while collecting the necessary items to solve puzzles and progress. Along the way, your deepest nightmares follow your every move, watching you and messing with your mind. You’ll be making use of your trusty smartphone to take pictures, light your way, as well as contact family members.

As is the norm, the Kickstarter campaign has several contribution levels, with the €7 goal giving you early access to the game’s demo, though no date for the demo has been announced as of yet. “Our goal is to do our very best to complete the game as outlined by our funding and stretch goals,” explains Black Rat Studios.


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