If we consider BTS hair transformations and BTS hair transformations only, 2022 has been a good year for us all. First, one little strand fell across Kim Taehyung’s face at the Grammys, and it seemed to emotionally break fans. Now, another member of the K-pop group gets his moment of hair glory: Jungkook has a mullet again.

It all began when Coway, a vacuum company, cast the boy band in one of its Twitter ads. As the camera slowly pans out, we see each member sitting in a white suit. Naturally, all of the beauty looks are pretty spectacular. But Jungkook had a little something special with his shoulder-grazing look

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Business in the front, party in the back — actually party all over, considering how folks responded to it.  “MULLET JUNGKOOK IS MY WEAKNESS,” one fan tweeted, showing a photo of the singer in profile. As fans were quick to point out, he’s had mullets before. Some posted collages showing the many ways he’s worn them throughout the year, and others wondered if the look was the work of extensions.

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