We all know that TikTok‘s beauty community has taken matters into their own hands when it comes to figuring out how to recreate Julia Fox‘s signature black eye makeup look. You can take a look at all the beauty creators’ step-by-step videos of the beat right here. But the Uncut Gems star herself is spilling all the secrets behind the look in a new makeup tutorial that she posted to her Instagram grid on March 16. 

At the beginning of the nearly 17 minute-long video, Fox admits that she created this look on herself for the 2022 Film Independent Spirit Awards. The actor did not hold back at all and dropped the routine from start to finish. She started off by priming her skin with a serum that she claims “gives the skin a nice glow.” Fox then applies a generous amount of Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation onto her face. 

Things start to get more interesting when the video hits a little over five minutes, as Fox begins the process behind her signature eye look (she calls it the “Fox eye.”) Before dusting her brow bone with some black eye shadow from makeup artist Pat McGrath Labs, the actor lends a helpful tip to her followers. “What’s really important about the ‘Fox eye’ is you want to follow the shape of your own brow,” she says. 

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Once the brow bone has been lined, Fox haphazardly sweeps the black shadow across her eyelids and connects the shadow on the lid to the brow bone. “I might have to go in with the [eye] pencil to make this a little sharper,” she reflects while creating a sharp angle on her eyelid. 

Fox finishes up the shape of the first eye by adding another layer of black eye shadow on the outer lid and around the inner corner of her eye. She then goes in with a black eye pencil to sharpen the shadow’s perimeter. Fox repeats the process for the other eye. 

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Thanks to Fox’s extensive eye tutorial, the graphic eye shadow look is no longer a secret. 

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