It’s hard to picture Jason Momoa without his signature beachy waves, which have an intrinsically casual vibe. And for dressy red carpets of the past, he has simply worn his hair with tuxedos exactly the way he would with his usual surfer style — and we have registered a total of zero complaints. But for the 2022 Oscars, the Dune actor decided to change things up a bit with a completely unexpected twist — or rather, a plait. Friends, Jason Momoa wore a French braid to the Academy Awards.

Wearing an all-black look, Momoa, from the front, seemed to be rocking a bearded Clark Kent-esque look with thickly rimmed glasses and what appeared to be a slicked-back hairstyle. Was it a haircut? A low bun? A ponytail? But as soon as we got a profile view, the majesty of Momoa’s French braid was revealed. 

Yes, one of the studliest dudes in Hollywood wore my preferred elementary-school hairstyle to one of the biggest events in entertainment, and frankly, he wore it better than I ever did. (No offense, Mom — your braids were great, but they weren’t attached to Jason Momoa’s head, so…)

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