That changes a little bit as Kate develops and — minor spoiler alert! — falls in love. “When we become in love, we start to look more into the mirror. Maybe Kate will go, ‘Oh, I’m just going to add a little bit more. Maybe I should have a little bit of lip color. Maybe I should have a little bit of blush.'” So throughout the season, you can expect to watch her base look shift to something that’s a little bit glitzier and more colorful. 

And while we’re on the subject of colorful makeup, we have to talk about Queen Charlotte, played by Golda Rosheuvel. She has the most flamboyant hair and wardrobe on the series for obvious reasons, and that greatly affects how her makeup is applied. “The thing with her is, whatever color you’re wearing, you get the reflection back up into your face,” Okvist explains. “So if you’re wearing black or white, you probably deal with your own makeup differently in terms of how much you put on.” 

Liam Daniel/Netflix

Queen Charlotte wears a differently colored wig and gown in every single appearance she makes, which means Okvist had to approach her makeup with more variety than the rest of the cast. “I think that we went through every single Mothership eye shadow that Pat has for us to really make sure that the makeup was on par with the hair and the costume and the jewelry at the same time,” Okvist reveals. “Her fittings were very long. I can tell you that much.” With the sky-high wigs alone, we can only imagine.

Those frequent wardrobe and hair changes also required Okvist to get creative with her complexion, too. “We might have to use slightly different foundations [depending on her clothing]. One day we needed something that had a little bit more red in it, and one day we needed something that had a little bit more yellow in it,” she says. “And because Pat McGrath’s foundation comes in 36 shades, it was very useful for us because every time we had a problem, we would just go a couple of shades up or a couple of shades down.”

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