“It’s good to see you!” 

It’s a phrase I expect to hear from a colleague I haven’t talked to in a while, one of my doctors, or even the barista at my local coffee shop… but not Ariana Grande. Nevertheless, that was my recent reality as the two of us met over Zoom for the second time to talk r.e.m. beauty, the singer’s cosmetics brand that is on the precipice of launching its second collection — Chapter 2, as she’s dubbed it. 

The line, out March 21, comprises eight product types: eye shadow palettes, potted gel eye shadows, eye gloss, false eyelashes, cheek and lip stains, a face mist, and a makeup primer just for the undereyes. The whole collection is named for Grande’s song “Goodnight N Go.”

“I think the reason why ‘Goodnight N Go’ ended up being the name for this chapter was that some of the lavender [makeup shades] and the [face] mist and some of the wellness aspects to these prep items come with a sense of calm and cozy,” she explains to Allure. “They kind of remind me of dreaminess, and ‘Goodnight N Go’ also feels kind of dreamy and cozy to me.” Calm and cozy is something I can confidently say we’re all lacking right now, which made me excited to get my hands on almost every item in the collection. 

Naturally, all of these items come housed in the same silver, space-age packaging r.e.m. beauty launched its first collection with. “We can’t pry the ’60s Barbarella [look] from my DNA ever. I think we just have to come to peace with that,” Grande laughs. “But I’m excited to introduce a little bit of skin prep and multi-use wellness — and expand the makeup as well.”

Below, catch the rundown on each product within r.e.m. beauty’s Chapter 2.

Midnight Shadows Eye Shadow Palettes, $24 each

Gogo Boots

Courtesy of brand

Smitten Kitten

Courtesy of brand

Groovy Baby

Courtesy of brand

The ovular six-shade eye shadow palettes from the brand’s first collection have returned, this time with those calming, dreamy hues Grande mentioned earlier. Chapter 2’s selection of Midnight Shadows palettes includes Gogo Boots (a mix of pastel pinks, purples, and neutrals), Smitten Kitten (muted greens and muted rose shades), and Groovy Baby (beiges, muted and dark cool tones, and bright purple). 

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