In addition to the sun-protecting mineral zinc oxide in the formula (which provides SPF 40, by the way), there are two other skin-loving active ingredients present. There’s L-ascorbic acid which is the most powerful form of vitamin C, an ingredient that is known for brightening the skin, and niacinamide the works to minimize pores and even out the texture of the skin. 

As far as inactive ingredients go, there are a ton of those as well — including some that we can thank for the glow-from-within luminosity this serum gives off. According to cosmetic chemist Ginger King, this formula is loaded with moisturizing emollients. “The illuminating skin you’ll see after applying this treatment is thanks to the shea butter, ethyl esters, jojoba, and meadowfoam oils,” King says. She also mentioned that there’s squalane in the formula that moisturizes without clogging pores. 

I, along with some colleagues, tried all three tones on our different complexions. Starting with commerce editor, Sarah Han, who wears Tone 1. “I’m always a little weary of multitasking products that promise to cover a lot of bases, but Ilia did the damn thing,” she says. “I can afford to be even ‘lazier’ in the mornings, thanks to this airy formula, which I apply with my clean fingers and melts into my skin with ease.” However, to avoid pilling, Han points out that she skips any skin-care products prior to applying C Beyond and starts with a clean complexion.

Angela Trakoshis wearing Tone 2 in the new  Ilia Beauty C Beyond Triple Serum

For me, I chose Tone 2, for medium skin tones. I took three drops of the liquidy formula and blended it into my skin as the final step in my skin-care routine. I chose a brush as my blending tool but a sponge or your good old-fashioned fingers will also work. The formula truly just glided onto my skin and all of the ingredients just sunk in, the pigment left very sheer coverage, but enough to even out any of my dark spots. And the glow? It was perfect. I didn’t look oily; I just looked healthy. 

Gabi Thorne wearing Tone 3 in the new Ilia Beauty C Beyond Triple Serum

Associate news editor, Gabi Thorne went with Tone 3, the darkest of the bunch. “Though the pigment in this product initially threw me off — it left me with glowy skin or looking like a dance member on Michael Jackson’s Thriller video,” she says. “I was pleasantly surprised to see how easily it sunk into my skin. It gave my skin a healthy, dewy glow that looks like I got the perfect dose of sun during golden hour.”

Ilia Beauty C Beyond Triple Serum

Love what you see and want to give it a go for yourself? Ilia Beauty C Beyond Triple Serum is now available for $64 at or

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