Have you ever worn a ponytail and messed around with it so that it falls over your face and you kind of look like the girl from The Ring? We know you have. But you’re not the only one.

Bella Hadid just posted another one of her fun photo dumps to Instagram on May 23, and in the first photo, her hair is seemingly in its natural texture with some curls and waves, pulled up into a mid-to-high ponytail on her head. Her ponytail, though, is draped all the way over the top of her head so that the hairs are falling onto her face, hanging past her eyes and reaching almost to her mouth. We aren’t sure if Hadid is wearing her hair like this on purpose or if she is just being silly, but either way, it looks way better on her than when any of us do it just to mess around

The rest of the photo dump features the supermodel in some different hair looks. In the third photo, she’s on the street in some kind of messy updo with a few hairs falling free, and in the sixth photo, she has a slicked-up ponytail with a thin cloth headband covering her scalp (it looks like a behind-the-scenes shot from a modeling job).

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