Acne, acne, acne — as annoying as it can be, it’s sometimes unpreventable. Don’t get me wrong, no matter what type of acne-prone skin you may have (hormonal, cystic, or all the other types), blemishes are totally normal and, with the right treatments, can be diminished and calmed down. There are topical treatments, oral medications, and one of my personal favorites, acne patches.

The one brand that always seems to get patches right based on affordability, accessibility, and, of course, effectiveness is Hero Cosmetics (best known for its Best of Beauty-winning Mighty Patch Original dots). Now, at the request of its fans, the brand has launched Mighty Patch Face and Allure has the exclusive details. 

Courtesy of brand

Hero Cosmetics mentioned to Allure that Mighty Patch Face is the most requested product by its community, which, after using it, I can totally see why. The representative from Hero Cosmetics states: “A ton of people who tried one of our other Mighty Patch products immediately saw how much of a game-changing solution it was and many, many people left us comments in reviews, by email, and via social media asking us for one for all over the face.” 

Mighty Patch Face is a set of five acne stickers: one for the forehead, two for the cheeks, and two for the nose and chin. According to the brand, these face patches are made up of the same hydrocolloid formula that all of its existing patches are made of. 

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