Saweetie just left her auburn Rapunzel strands behind for a brand new look that’s sweeter than ever before. To promote her new single, “Closer,” the rapper posted a series of five photos to Instagram on March 14 to show off the look she wore to her Closer to Euphoria Skate Party in Los Angeles.

In the pictures, she’s posing in the ultimate pink and mauve look, showing off her ‘fit and shoes — but we can’t stop staring at that hair. Wavy and cascading down the length of her back, her strands are the exact color of pink cotton candy, a hue that brings us right back to our childhoods. We can only assume she’s wearing a wig, but it’s so well-fitted that we wouldn’t be mad if she decided to make it her permanent color for a while.

The “Get It Girl” rapper also gets an A+ for her makeup. Her eye shadow is cotton candy-colored too, but this time, she’s channeling a blue raspberry flavor. A dreamy blue-lavender shadow covers most of her eyelids, and the outer corners are shaded with a deeper purple hue. With false lashes accentuating her eyeliner perfectly, we’re taking notes on how to copy this look for our next night out. Her matte plum lips match her entire ensemble, too.

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Lastly, we’ve gotta talk about her nails. Always on-trend, the rapper chose a modern take on a classic French manicure for her hands. The nails, which appear to be acrylic, are embedded with silver stones at their base and have turquoise striped tips. We love the idea of combining stripes with a French mani, and if we’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s that Saweetie is a pro at predicting beauty trends

To top it all off, she matched her phone case to her entire look, a move Megan Thee Stallion has been known for. Lavender and covered in gems, the case features an adorable drawing of a woman with pink hair (which might even be Saweetie herself.)

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