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In this 60-minute Nature Careers webcast, now available to watch as video on demand,

Kelly Krause, creative director at Nature and Nature journals, offers tips on how to promote scientific research using visuals. “Make lots of images at all times,” she says. “Photography can be really powerful — it effortlessly communicates.”

Krause, whose role includes designing Nature covers and leading the production of other scientific artwork at Springer Nature, is joined by Sven Laqua, who runs Laqua Consulting, a London-based design practice. He describes how design principles can be used to communicate scientific data more effectively.

Finally, Fabio Crameri, a geophysicist and freelance designer based in Bern, Switzerland, talks about the use of colour maps in graphic design and science. Conventional rainbow-colour maps, he shows, fail to represent data accurately.

The speakers then answer questions from the live audience. The event was held on the 3 March 2022 and forms part of Nature Careers’ ongoing webinar programme. For future topics, please visit

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