There have been conflicting reports as to whether or not filming on Halloween Ends has, well, come to an end, but producer Ryan Turek confirms that production has indeed wrapped.

In an Instagram post published last night, Turek revealed that the night of March 9 was the last night of filming on Halloween Ends, and he also shared a photo from the set.

Turek writes, “A wrap on our Halloween trilogy. Incredible journey. Amazing cast, amazing crew. While we obviously have post-production ahead of us, it’s still an emotional night.”

You can check out Turek’s Instagram photo below, which gives us a peek at a “Rabbit in Red” billboard – fans of the franchise will no doubt recognize the iconic location!

Halloween Ends is dated for theatrical release on October 14, 2022, and with things starting to look better on the pandemic front, we don’t expect those plans to change.

David Gordon Green has recently teased that there will be a four-year time jump from the events of Kills to the events of Ends, and it’s said to be more “intimate” and “contained.”

We don’t yet have any plot information, but the ending of Halloween Kills built towards the final confrontation between Laurie and Michael, a battle that will likely take center stage in the trilogy’s final installment. Last year’s movie ended with Michael (seemingly) ending the life of Karen Strode, so the fight between hero and villain is more personal than ever before.

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