And you know what? Yes. Halle Berry’s hair does look suspiciously like Reba McEntire’s around the turn of the century, with its auburn hue, impressive volume, and shaggy, flipped-out layers. It’s a style that didn’t exactly get filed in the “definitely revive this look in a few decades” cabinet. But she still had a perfect response. The next day, Berry quote-tweeted the dig and replied, “… and what about it? 😂”

She clearly has a great sense of humor about it, but she also has a point. What about it? She looks gorgeous, and Reba McEntire always looks gorgeous, and the Reba theme slaps. I don’t see a problem. (Also, I’m pretty sure McEntire never wore a see-through top on Reba, but still.)

Berry is one of the biggest hair chameleons in Hollywood, so honestly, if she brought back this look, I’d be all for it. I won’t personally be trying it myself, but she won’t get any snarky tweets from me about it. 

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