Hairstylist Jawara is in perpetual motion. “I love to approach the unknown,” he says. And he doesn’t hesitate to do so. When you discover his artistry, you are greeted by the unconventional. Hair is sculpted into seemingly impossible shapes — and it’s a masterpiece.

His creative mind is heavily influenced by Black culture. Born in New York and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, his view of beauty is a reflection of the Caribbean and everywhere he has traveled throughout his life. “I consider myself an expressionist of love and things that I adore,” Jawara, who is also Fekkai’s international stylist partner, tells Allure. “And I admire Black women. That is one thing that will never change,” he adds.  

This admiration is alive even in his subconscious. Jawara had a dream one night of four melanated women with eccentric hair living in a world with no discrimination. Just beauty. For Allure’s June/July issue, The Melanin Edit, he turned this vision into a magnificent reality.

“I created these towering shapes where the hair is [worn] proudly, like an award,” says Jawara. It’s the beehive taken to new heights, with a mixture of protective styles — locs, twists, braids —blended into one. Look closely and you’ll also see a few streaks of silver paint.

Left: Elissa Poppy dress. Right: Elissa  Poppy sleeves, bandeau, and skirt.

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