After the reveals earlier this week of the maps for the Family House, Gas Station and Slaughterhouse for the upcoming Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Gun Interactive have given a bit more detail on how the maps came together.

“The Texas countryside is an important aspect in bringing The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to life,” writes Gun Interactive’s Daniel Nixon. “For Gun and [developer Sumo Nottingham], working on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre began with intensive research to deepen our understanding of the source material. In regards to the locations featured in the film, it means using that understanding of what existed to expand upon it in a way that makes sense for the game.”

Level Designer Steve Kirby chimes in with how the maps for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre were created, saying that they “wanted to allow the players to not just enter, but more importantly, fully explore and feel those places and how macabre they are, discovering not just what the movie showed, but the areas hidden from view.”

“Working with our art and design team here at Sumo and the awesome folks at Gun, nothing has been left unturned in the authenticity department. We know that the fans are going to compare and analyze what we have made with the movie, and I think I can say that everyone on the project has brought their A-game to bring as much detail as humanly possible to the game. I’m very proud of what the team has created.”

“Once we had a solid understanding of how the core gameplay was shaping up, we underwent the process of carving up the gameplay spaces to promote our cat and mouse philosophy,” explains Senior Designer Oly Scott. “Shadows and traversal methods became the hallmark of successful players on the development team. Through all our maps we tried to capture a feeling of progress as Victims moved through each zone. It was important to reward success with more space to breathe and plan, while also raising the pressure on the Family members to catch Victims before they escape.”

And speaking of the Victims, if you missed it, Gun Interactive has provided a bit of background for each of them.

Currently, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre doesn’t have a release date, but hopefully that will change soon.

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