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Welcome to June, Gemini! Your season began last month, and yes, you’ll have to pass the torch over to Cancer in a few weeks, but June promises plenty to look forward to. On Friday, June 3, your ruling planet, chatty Mercury, ends its retrograde and goes direct in Taurus. Take a deep breath in and exhale because life will flow easier. You’re a charismatic flirt, Gemini, and because Mercury is your ruling planet when it goes retrograde, you’re one of the signs most likely to reconnect with an ex. However, it’s healthier to stay in the present, so as Mercury goes direct, consider working on a meditation practice or using tarot to help ground yourself. 

There’s another retrograde to be aware of. Saturn, the “taskmaker” of the zodiac, known for rules and discipline, goes retrograde in community-oriented Aquarius starting on Saturday, June 4. When Saturn goes retrograde, it asks us to decide how to spend our time best. For you, Gemini, this retrograde may change your perspective in the bedroom. Is there a chance you can be more focused on your pleasure than your partner(s)? If so, consider spending extra time on your lover’s physical and emotional needs.

Your ruling planet Mercury enters your sign, Gemini, on Monday, June 13. Mercury is the planet of communication, but remember, that is a two-way street. When the talkative planet enters your sign, not only will you express yourself better, but going back to the notes above about considering others, you’ll have an easier time listening, too.  

Tuesday, June 14, brings a full moon in Sagittarius, shining a spotlight on your pleasure. Now, that’s a nice sentence. Full moons are primal, animalistic times, so they naturally lend themselves to great sex. This is an ideal night to take the advice above. Spend extra time on foreplay, asking your partner what they want, and focusing on them. Most likely, you’ll get more attention yourself as a result. And, if you’re single, you don’t have to worry about anyone else but yourself and your favorite sex toy

Tuesday, June 21, brings the start of Cancer season and the Summer Solstice. Yes, pretty Gemini, that means your season is over, but it also means hot summer nights, sweaty dance parties, beach trips, and all the other adventures that come along with summer. Because Cancer is a sign that loves family (chosen or blood), expect a lot of quality friend time, and don’t you dare feel guilty about having fun.  

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