Taking a cue from the likes of PUPPET COMBO and others, publisher Rogue Games and developer Game Grumps are getting in on the 1980s slasher-inspired games with Homebody. The narrative-driven psychological horror game is set to arrive for consoles and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store later this year.

While it’s not the gritty grimy aesthetic that we’ve been getting with these types of games, Homebody appears more like Alone in The Dark in its presentation (minus the chunky polygons). The story for Homebody centres on Emily, who with her college buddies have gathered at a remote rental house to watch the Perseid meteor shower. They also take the opportunity to try and rekindle the bonds that they once had, but lingering feelings and social anxieties make things difficult. Of course, things go south once the power suddenly goes out, as a mysterious killer picks them off one by one. If Emily can’t find a way out, she’ll be trapped in this nightmare forever.

Along with evading the killer, Emily will have to solve puzzles and reconnect with her friends. The game’s description alludes to the player having multiple attempts to escape the house, with each attempt revealing more of the mystery around Emily’s past. Homebody will also employ sophisticated AI, ensuring that no two encounters with the killer will be the same. You’ll also be tracking your progress and make new connections with a dynamic in-game clue journal.

No word on specific consoles for the release at this time.


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